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Lakeland’s Micro Soldering Experts

Micro Soldering
Micro-soldering scares most shops.  We can actually fix what apple says is unfixable.  Liquid damage data recovery, touch disease, charging ports, & many other issues. We fix the actual logic board. Have you been told your logic board is the problem and no one can fix it?
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Expert Level Work

We are a full service mobile repair shop located on East Edgewood Drive in Lakeland, FL. We specialize in standard mobile phone repairs and expert level microsoldering. Our years of experience allow us to service phones that are turned away at most other repair shops so we can bring new life to your old device.


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iphone repair in lakeland

Includes Models: i5/5S/5C/SE

Pry-Damage repair: $89

FPC connector repair: $89

Backlight repair: $69-$99

Tristar repair: $89

Long Screw Damage repair: $189-$220

No power solution: $129

Includes Models: i6/6+/6S/6S+

iPhone 6 FPC connector repair: $89

iPhone 6 no power solution: $125

iPhone 6 Long Screw Damage repair: $189-$220

iPhone 6 Series Tristar repair: $99

iPhone 6/6+ Touch disease repair: $99

iPhone 6/6S/6S+ Backlight Repair : $85-$125

iPhone water damage or no power data recovery: $199

Includes Models: i7/i7 Plus

iPhone 7 FPC connector repair: $99

iPhone 7 Tristar repair: $125

iPhone 7 Long Screw Damage repair: $189-$220

iPhone 7 Backlight repair: $85-$135

iPhone 7 no audio repair: $125

iPhone 7 no power solution: $189

Touch issues repair solution: $189

Includes Models : i8/i8+

iPhone 8 FPC connector repair: $89

iPhone 8 Long Screw Damage repair: $189

iPhone 8 Backlight repair: $99

iPhone 8 no power solution: $199

iPhone 8 Touch issues repair solution: $139

iPad testing and basic multi-meter diagnosis: $45

iPad mini 1/2/3/4 FPC connector repair: $89

iPad 1/2/3/4 FPC connector repair: $99

iPad mini 1/2/3/4 charge port repair: $110

iPad Air charge port repair: $99

iPad Pro 12.9 No touch repair: $125

iPad back light repair: $89-$135

PS3 HDMI Port Repair: $99

PS4 HDMI Port Repair: $120

PS4 Slim HDMI Port Repair: $120

Xbox 360 HDMI Port Repair: $120

Please Note: In the event that we cannot repair your device, then a general diagnostic fee ($35) may be applied and the device will be returned to you.